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Location: Sweden, SWEDEN Employer: MediCarrera
Type: Permanent
Salary: 50000€ gross/year
Application period: 21, Apr, 2017
Employment period: 23, Oct, 2017
Domain: Medicine;
Profession: Resident doctor - 3; Resident doctor - 3;
Other benefits: Free language course
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Applicants no: 3


MediCarrera is company with 13 years of experience in offering good career opportunities for medical professionals in Scandinavia as well as organizing successful language training.


We have started a new project for the doctors who are willing to move to Sweden and ready to start the Swedish course already now!


If you would like to enhance your chance of getting a job in Sweden you can start learning Swedish with our support.

We have designed a special program that will suit your needs.

You can learn Swedish in your home country while you are still undergoing your resident training or working. The course is absolutely free of charge.

With this program you will reach the A2 level. After reaching this level we will start presenting your CVs to Swedish hospitals.

Participation in a language training does not guarantee the placement in Sweden but it will give you a huge advantage and increase your chances in achieving a job in Sweden.


How to enroll/start:

·      Contact us

·      Fill in our registration forms (Find them attached)

·      Have a consultation/interview with our professional

·      Get approved

·      Start learning Swedish with our support



Some interesting facts about Healthcare in Sweden:


The Swedish system is mainly government-funded and decentralized, although private health care also exists. 

In Sweden the hospitals are modern and very well-equipped and have a generous policy regarding further training and participation to conferences.

Also, the salary and the working conditions are attractive. 


Speciality training (postgraduate training) or residency in Sweden is composed of hospital services in a subordinate position under full professional responsibility. The training period within the speciality itself and within other relevant fields is in progress during at least five years. The medical residency training in Sweden has a very good international recognition, it gives you a very solid training for your medical career and it is also a very important asset for your curriculum.


If you are searching for a work life balance then Sweden is a good choice!


Did we awaken your interest, please apply!



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