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Location: Denmark, DENMARK Employer: MEDICOLINK
Type: Permanent
Salary: 94000EUR/year
Application period: 19 Apr - 31 May, 2017
Employment period: 19 Apr - 31 May, 2017
Domain: Medicine;
Profession: Specialist doctor - Emergency medicine - emergency medicine;
Other benefits: 6 weeks paid holiday
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Applicants no: 3




You will work in a Danish hospital with stable surroundings, attractive working conditions, possibilities for professional development, a better work-life balance and a future life and career in one of Europe’s top welfare states, in Scandinavia.


The department of emergency medicine is a highly specialised department. A wide range of urgent cases are treated, which offers a great chance to develop professionally.


Cooperation and development is highly valued at the department. In order to strengthen development, doctors, nurses, secretaries and other employees are offered a great amount of further education.


You are:

  • Specialised in Gastroenterology OR Endocrinology OR Pulmonology OR Family Medicine OR Geriatrics OR Anesthesiology AND Emergency Medicine/ you have experience in the field of Emergency Medicine
  • Fluent in English
  • Motivated for living and working abroad


What can you expect in cooperation with Medicolink?


  • Permanent contract regulated by the Danish collective agreement
  • Min. yearly salary: 94.000 Euro (including pension benefits)
    • Language course for your spouse and elderly children
    • Partner Integration Program with a personal consultant
    • Assistance for your spouse in search of employment and integration in Denmark
    • Guidance regarding schooling and child care both in Budapest and in Denmark
    • Access to our candidate network in Denmark
    • Information on Danish tax matters
    • Hotline service for urgent questions
    • Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
    • Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process
    • Permanent contract regulated by the Danish collective agreement
  • 37 hour working week
  • 6 weeks paid holiday
  • A free, intensive language course and Danish Medical Language Programme with 800 Euros settlement assistance per month and free accommodation in Budapest prior to work start
  • 70 Euros extra support per child and free childcare for nursery and kindergarten aged children in a professional kindergarten near our facilities during your stay in Budapest
  • A short trip to Denmark prior to the language course, where you will have the opportunity to visit your future work place and living area
  • Cultural teaching prior to departure
  • Accommodation assistance in Denmark
  • Assistance in administrative processes when moving to Denmark


Who are we?


Medicolink is a Danish recruitment agency, working with recruitment of health care professionals to Scandinavia since 2007, and has successfully relocated several hundreds of doctors and their family members to live and work in Denmark. We have been authorized by Danish Hospitals to recruit, qualify and integrate European physicians. We offer intensive language training, good working conditions, high salaries and a family-friendly integration program.



Want to hear more?


If you are interested in knowing more about the position, Denmark or Medicolink, please don’t hesitate to contact our consultant, Kristóf Bence Németh: +36 70 315 0536 or [email protected]com  


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