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Type: Permanent
Salary: 27.000- 31.000 SEK , pending on experience
Application period: 20 Mar - 20 Apr, 2017
Employment period: 01, Nov, 2017 - 01, Nov, 2020
Domain: Pharmacy;
Profession: Pharmacist ;
Other benefits: FREE SWEDISH COURSE, financial suport for relocation
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Applicants no: 4


If you want to be a “Pharmacist” and not a “Seller “Sweden is a possible option for you.

Sweden is one of the countries with highest living standards in Europe, a beautiful, clean country with relaxed and smiling people.

The Pharmaceutical System is similar with the European one. It is based on procedures and protocols so all is  in a strict order and the Pharmacists know exactly what they have to do .

The companies are Pharmaceutical chains with comunity pharmacies; they have their own training system the work environment being professional, relaxed and nice.

If you are a Pharmacist with minimum 2 years of experience in a community pharmacy, you have a good level of English  , if you are looking for a change and a new  life in Sweden please send us your CV

The recruitment program for Pharmacists started in 2011 and is now active in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, and Slovakia.

The company offers

-          FREE SWEDISH LANGUAGE TRAINING UP TO C1  ( Skype + intensive )

-          The living costs during the intensive language training are covered by the company

-          Paid transport

-          Employment Contract for MINIMUM 3 YEARS

-          Salaries: 27.000 SEK- 31.000 SEK (pending on experience) – minimum 2200 Euro NET / month. ( living costs are for individual/ a couple about 1200 Euro/ month  )

-          Program: 44 hours/ week.  Shifts also during weekend – every 2 weekend ( but it depends on each pharmacy program )

-          Swedish Contracts, same rights as Swedish people


Job locations will be decided by the company and are small / medium cities: 4.000- 45.000 people.

Life in Sweden is quiet and nice, however the Nordics don’t have an intense social life this is why we invite all Pharmacists interested in jobs in Sweden to read as much as possible about life and work in Sweden.

Interested Pharmacists are invited to send their CV’s to: [email protected]

Some stories about the Pharmacists already working in Sweden can be found here:

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